Plastic Vs. Wood

Choosing the right material for skirting boards can be a tedious task. It is another very important aspect for your house. Skirting board is most commonly found in wood. But these days, many people are switching to plastic for their houses. With an equally good finish, a plastic skirting looks equally elegant and aesthetic. Also you will find many designs available in plastic.

Why to opt for plastic skirting boards

1. Low maintenance

Plastic skirting boards demand almost zero maintenance cost. A wood always has chance to catch moisture but a plastic is entirely moisture resistant and can never crack or chip off in humid areas. They do not require much replacement as they never get spoiled.

2. Smoother

A plastic doesn’t have any granules or sand particles on it unlike wood. A wood require removal of sand particles before painting or re- painting but a plastic doesn’t require any such procedure. Plastic is already molded and its edges are also smoother and finer.

3. No insects

A plastic never decays. It is never attacked by termites or worms. It never gets chipped off. It is much more durable and sturdy as compared to the wood.

4. Pocket friendly

A plastic skirting board is almost half the price as compared to wood. Some types of wood like pine and oak are extremely costly and not every individual can afford it. But plastic can be used as skirting boards and can also be painted to have wooden touch.

5. Convenient

A plastic skirting is always easy to set up. It is light weighted and do not require much strength. A normal adhesive will stick them to the walls unlike wood

6. Re-painting

A plastic skirting can always be repainted they have a much smoother surface and thus painting them is a very easy task.